For ages 3 and 4, Preschool is a creative movement class with emphasis on rhythm, musicality, large motor skills, exercises for strength and flexibility, following directions, and enjoying participation with peers.


​Kindergarten through adult. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms and the Hazel Boone system follows the most time-honored traditions of Ballet in America. Classes begin at the barre and progress to center floor combinations. Correct Ballet terminology is stressed as is proper alignment, classical technique, and musicality.


A solid foundation of intermediate to advanced Ballet technique is required for Pointe work. The instructor will determine if a student is technically and physically capable of dancing on Pointe.


​Kindergarten through adult. Tap class is fun for all ages. The foot work, beginning with simple rhythms and sounds, quickly advances to more complex techniques. Tap vocabulary is emphasized and styles include waltz clog, soft-shoe, Latin, music theater, jazz-tap, and percussive tap.


Ages ​​7 through adult. Jazz emphasizes the control and motion of the body with freedom of style and expression. Class consists of stretching, isolations, and center floor combinations including coordination and cardiovascular exercise. Various styles of jazz are incorporated including musical theater, Latin, swing, lyrical, and hip hop.

Hip Hop

Grade ​​3 through adult. Hip Hop is a high-energy class set to today’s hottest music. Coordination, style, and musicality is emphasized. One must study Ballet, Tap, or Jazz to be eligible for this class.  

Performance Troupes

We are proud to offer three performance troupes designed for serious students in grade 5-12 who have a desire to make dance training a priority, along with academic responsibilities. Dancers who study ballet, tap, and jazz at our studio are invited to join if our faculty recognizes that they possess Aptitude, Reliability, Honesty, Confidence, Desire, and Dedication. Our Showcase Dancers, Junior Dance Team, and Senior Dance Team will demonstrate in dance parties at local events, participate/perform in charity events, and perform in local dance competitions.


The Hazel Boone Studio faculty places students in the most appropriate level based on their skill and experience.


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