Dress Code

Hazel Boone students observe a dress code which fosters group identity and allows instructors to evaluate and correct student alignment and position.

For all classes: Hair must be worn up. Buns are recommended.

Preschool (ages 3 and 4): Red leotard, red tights or white socks, WHITE ballet shoes (washable canvas: Body Wrappers #246; leather: Bloch #205).

​Combo Ballet/Tap: ​Lavendar leotard, pink tights. Ballet: PINK ​full-sole ballet shoes (washable canvas: Body Wrappers ​#246; leather: Bloch#2​05) AND Tap: TAN buckle tap shoes (Bloch #302). No shorts or skirts.

Opal, ​Emerald, Tanzanite and Ruby: Any solid color leotard, pink or tan tights. Ballet: PINK split-sole ballet shoes (canvas: Body Wrappers #247 or #246; leather: Bloch #258). Tap: TAN buckle tap shoes (Bloch #302). Jazz: TAN split-sole pull-on jazz shoes (Bloch #495 or #401). Optional ballet skirts (print or any solid color), fitted shorts (black only).

Diamond: Same dress code as above. Tap: BLACK hard-sole Oxford tap shoes (Bloch #361 “Respect” or Capezio #CG19 "Cadence").

Adult classes: No dress code. Tap: BLACK Oxford tap shoes. ​

Hip Hop: No dress code. Any ALL-BLACK sneakers (flat full-sole or split-sole).

Acro:  Any color high-neck leotard, fitted shorts, tan footless or convertible tights.  Bare feet.  

Boys (all classes): Black ballet, tap, or jazz shoes; black pants or shorts with white or black T-shirt.

Dancewear and shoes available at:

Dancer's Edge (Taunton), Dancer’s Image (Newton), Capezio (Wellesley)