201​​9-2020 Calendar

​September 8

​Classes begin.

October 31

Halloween. No classes.

November ​3-7

Peek Week*, tuition and costume deposits are due.

November ​2​7-28

Thanksgiving. No classes.

​December 5-9

​Faculty & Dancers in Disney.  No classes.

​Dec 23-Jan 1

Holiday Break.  No classes

Jan 26-29

Peek Week*, tuition and costume balances are due.

​Feb 16-20

Winter Break.  No classes.

​April 5-9

​Peek Week*, final tuition is due.

June ​19/20

Dress Rehearsal/Recital.

* Peek Week - Relatives and friends are invited to observe classes.

Snow Days

Snow days may not follow school cancellations. Please call (781) DANCE38 after 2:00 p.m. on snowy days for a recorded message or check the Hazel Boone Dance Studio Facebook page.

Prizes and Awards

Awards are presented to students with perfect attendance, to those completing five and ten years of study, and to graduating high school seniors who've studied at HBS for at least 3 years. The Elaine Richardson Prize for dedication to dance, a positive attitude, and a helpful spirit; and the Sandra Philpott Prize in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, are also awarded annually.

Special Activities

Throughout the year, intermediate and advanced students are invited to attend master classes, workshops, and special dance performances.  ​